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Entomologist - A Jericho Road Clothing Collection

Posted by Tamara Scheiwe on

Entomologist - A Jericho Road Clothing Collection

Over 12 months in the making and she's finally here! The entomologist print, exclusive to Jericho Road Clothing. I couldn't be more excited to share a little behind the scenes of this collaboration with Chloe and Kate.

Inspired by the natural world and designed using only different shades of green, entomologist is a design very close to my heart. I'm surround choose to surround myself with botanical beauties, which in turn influences quite a lot of my work. My phone is full of photos of my feet and flora from all over the world. I don't often take photos of my face, but you guys sure do know my favourite sneakers! 

September Creative Jericho Road Entomologist Feet

I'm also known to snap photos of anything and everything that I find inspiring. Shadows on a street, a cute sign, pretty flowers or the colours of graffiti. I also snap photos of beautiful bugs. 

September Creative Jericho Road Entomologist Moths

For this design, I brought together my love of bugs and decided to keep to a purely green colour palette. We tried a few different colour variations, but the greens were a clear winner!

September Creative Jericho Road Entomologist Colour

I tweaked the design a little and the JRC ladies sent it off to production, so we could get a strike off. For those who don't know, a strike off is a sample of the printing of the design on the fabric you've chosen, which you review and approve before sending a full order into production. When we received the first strike off, I joined the JRC girls for coffee and cake and to check it out in person. 

September Creative Jericho Road Entomologist Strike Off

We all loved the colours! But thought the print might look cool a little bigger, so Chloe and Kate requested a new fabric sample. Once the received it, they sent me a pic and we were good to go! 

September Creative Jericho-Road Entomologist Strike Off Large

Once we had the strike off approved, the JRC team finalised the cuts and everything went into production! There's a dress, top and pants in buttery soft tencel. Photos below from the JRC team.

I also designed the swing tags the collaboration. Seeing these guys hanging from the labels of the new collection, was super exciting.

September Creative Jericho Road Swing Tag Entomologist

And just for fun, I dreamt of the my sweet little bugs as socks! So here's a little mockup for illustration purposes only :)

September Creative Jericho Road Entomologist Socks

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as we do! I can't wait to wear bugs for the. whole winter. Whether that's inside during our covid isolation or out into the wild. Let's hope for the latter. T x

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